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FBLD 2012 Agenda

(Detailed Agenda Below)

Fragment-based methods are demonstrating success in both drug discovery and in identifying tools for chemical biology. The 2012 meeting is structured to reflect the discovery pipeline; presentations from different specialties will be grouped together to highlight the interplay between different scientific areas to drive the fragment-to-optimised compound process.

  • Sunday - Arrival, vendor workshops, opening reception
  • Monday - Fragment Finding
  • Tuesday - Fragment to Lead
  • Wednesday - Success stories

There will be poster sessions running during the meeting - please see the Abstract Submission page

Updates to the scientific programme will be posted here as they become available.

The programme is now available as a PDF file.

    FBLD 2012 Agenda

    Monday - Introduction to Fragment Finding

  • Rod Hubbard - Vernalis/York
    Currrent Perspectives in FBLD
  • Jane Withka - Pfizer Groton
    Building Confidence for Chemistry by Generation of a Quality Library and a Multidisciplinary Approach
  • Nino Campobasso - GlaxoSmithKline
    Picking up the fragments at GlaxoSmithKline - No longer a last chance effort for lead ID
  • Peter Kutchukian - Novartis
    Privileged Substructures For Fragment-Based Screening
  • Question and Answer Session
    Tea and Coffee Break, posters, and exhibitors
  • Josh Salafsky - Biodesy
    Second Harmonic Generation for allosteric and conformation-specific drug discovery: conformational change in real time
  • Dallas Hughes - Selcia
    Fragment Screening using Capillary Electrophoresis (CEfragTM): Complementing Existing Biophyisical and Structural Methods for Drug discovery
  • Sten Ohlson - Linnaeus U
    ยงIntroducing Weak Affinity Chromatography as a new approach for Fragment Screening
  • Fredrik Rahm - Sprint Bioscience
    Validating Thermal Shift Assays for Fragment Screening
  • Question and Answer Session
    Lunch, posters, and exhibitors
  • Charles Wartchow - Roche
    Biosensor-based Lead Identification and Hit Confirmation in Fragment Screening Campaigns with Protein-Protein Interaction Targets
  • Karin Regnstrom - Elan
    Label free fragment screening using Surface Plasmon Resonance as a Tool for Fragment Finding: Analyzing difficult CNS targets for binding activity, selectivity, and non-specific interactions
  • Helena Danielson - Beactica
    Developing the tools for discovery of fragment-based leads for membrane bound targets
  • Miles Congreve - Heptares
    Fragment Based Drug Discovery for G Protein-Coupled Receptors
  • Pamela Williams - Astex
    Fragment identification using X-rays: the advantages of structural certainty
  • Question and Answer Session
    Tea and Coffee Break, posters, and exhibitors
  • Parag Sahasrabudhe - Pfizer Groton
    Discovery of a Novel Fragment Inhibitor of Acetyl CoA Carboxyltransferase
  • Brad Jordan - Amgen
    Fragment Based Drug Discovery: Practical Implementation Based on 19F NMR Spectroscopy
  • Gregg Siegal - ZoBio
    Filling the Hole in Your Crystal(ography) with NMR
  • Question and Answer Session

    Conference Dinner

    Tuesday - Fragment to Lead

  • Tom Peat - CSIRO
    The many sites of HIV integrase: a fragment screening odyssey
  • Darren Begley - Emerald
    Multi-Target Fragment Screening & Structure Determination in the MEP Pathway
  • Sarah Barelier - UCSF
    Parallel Fragment-Screening and Docking against AmpC β-lactamase
  • Kathryn Loving - Schrödinger
    Recent Advances in Structure-Based Fragment Docking and Virtual Screening
  • Question and Answer Session
    Tea and Coffee Break, posters, and exhibitors
  • Man-ling Lee - Genentech
    Fragment Screening Hit Triage: Advantages of Order Dependent Clustering Using a new Similarity Metric
  • JW Feng - Genentech
    ROCS Your Fragment Hits with Interactive 3D Similarity Search
  • Carsten Detering - BioSolveIT
    Supporting the Drug Discovery Pipeline: Fragment-Based Compound Manipulation and Accurate Scoring
  • Sandor Vajda - Boston University
    Computational protein mapping to drive the development of fragment hits into leads
  • Question and Answer Session
    Lunch, posters, and exhibitors
  • Lars Neumann - Proteros
    Application of kinetic and thermodynamic parameters in FBLD
  • James Murray - Vernalis
    From the (k)off: The prospective use of the dissociation rate constant to guide Fragment 2 Leads Chemistry
  • Yu Chen - U South Florida
    Fragment-based inhibitor discovery against the CTX-M Class A β-lactamase
  • Adam Renslo - UCSF
    Reversible, Non-Electrophilic Inhibitors opf CTX-M Class A β-Lactamase: From Fragments to Cell-Active Leads
  • Question and Answer Session
    Tea and Coffee Break, posters, and exhibitors
  • Christopher Stubbs - U Cambridge
    Allosteric Targeting of Polo-like Kinase 1: A Fragment-Based Approach
  • Vickie Tsui - Genentech
    Targetting Caspase-6 with Small Molecules
  • Stephan G. Zech - Ariad
    Discovery of highly potent inhibitors of Lactate Dehydrogenase A using fragment based drug design
  • Chris Johnson - Astex
    Fragment Based Lead Discovery for Challenging Targets: Allosteric Modulators and Antagonists of Protein-Protein Interactions
  • Maurizio Pellecchia - Sanford-Burnham
    NMR Guided Approaches to FBDD: From Fragment Identification to uHTS by NMR
  • Question and Answer Session
    Poster session and exhibitors with refreshments

    Wednesday - Success Stories

  • Anders Friberg - Vanderbilt
    Cancer Drug Discovery Using Fragment-Based Methods
  • Andrew Petros - Abbott
    Attacking Apoptosis with Fragments
  • Wolfgang Jahnke - Novartis
    Tuning bone affinity into fragment-derived leads
  • Tea and Coffee Break
  • Ivan Efremov - Pfizer
    Fragments vs. BACE: use of fragment-based approaches to enable a tough target
  • Daniel Wyss - Merck
    From Weak NMR-detected Fragment Hits to Clinical Candidates for BACE-1
  • Chao Zhang - Plexxikon
    Scaffolds among Fragments: Searching for Multi-faceted Progenitor of Kinase Inhibitors
  • Closing comments
    End of conference

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