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The latest version of refmac and more can be found on MRC-LMB website

Old version
Stable version
Experimental version
Dictionary of ligands and links
Some description of new keywords.
Look at the Documentation for old document.
For some other software developed in YSBL visit YSBL software site

Current version - v5.5.0110

refmac 5.5 for linux
refmac 5.5 big for linux
refmac 5.5 for MacOS with G4/G5 processors. NB: Computer compiling this version does not work any more
refmac 5.5 for MacOS with Intel processors
latest refmac 5.5 source code. There are few makefiles (makefile_[compiler_OS])
List of removed bugs and new features
All source codes for refmac 5.5 versions

Experimental version - v5.6

All source files and an executable for linux is available here . This version uses new and completed dictionary

Plans for this version include: Low resolution refinement, twin with SAD, restraints to known structures, flexible ncs, SIRAS etc

For full compatability you may also need to take new dictionary.

ligand dictionaries for all platforms (ASCII)

The older version - v5.4

refmac 5.4 for linux
refmac 5.4 for MacOS with G4/G5 processors
refmac 5.4 for MacOs with Intel processors
with large arrays for MacOS with Intel processors
refmac 5.4 source code. There are few makefiles (makefile_[compiler_OS])

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