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Re: [ccp4bb]: Re: [ccp4bb] xloggraph

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Peter and Ravi gave a very nice overview of overcoming some X Window
System resource file problems.

I would like to add that the XUSERFILESEARCHPATH may be set correctly by
the CCP4 scripts, but then may be trashed by another non-CCP4 script that
one might access afterwards.  Indeed, a few years ago, the CCP4 scripts
would change this env var without regard to whether it had been set



> The user can then access these defaults automatically provided that this
> directory is one of those to set in the XUSERFILESEARCHPATH varible in
> your ccp4.setup (the default is $CCP4_LIB/X11/app-defaults/).
> What can go wrong?
> ------------------
> Try the following checks, in order:
> 1. Try "echo $XUSERFILESEARCHPATH" - in ccp4.setup this should default
> to include $CCP4_LIB/X11/app-defaults