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Re: [ccp4bb]: xloggraph

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> Dear CCP4,
>     I am having a problem with xloggraph.  It works beautifully from
> within the GUI.  From the command line, however, there is a problem.
> Looking at the same log file that worked through the GUI, I *do* get the
> table, but when I try to display a graph, I get:

the gui uses loggraph wich is a Tcl/tk version of xloggraph. the loggraph
the gui uses can be used in the same way as xloggraph = independantly.

biophys3 <86> loggraph p717_14_refmac.log 

loggraph is under development and propaly will/has more functionality than

> -------------------------------------
> biophys3 <86> xloggraph p717_14_refmac.log
> Error: xloggraph -- Tom's font file not specified
> -------------------------------------

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