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[ccp4bb]: Scripps XtalView/xfit launcher for ccp4i

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I've made a little launcher which will allow you to pick maps, masks,
and models from within the ccp4i interface and fire up xfit with them
displayed automatically on startup. The cell and symmetry are set and
maps and masks are extended and converted automagically. You can even
set some xfit parameters (just the default contour radius for now, but
more if people ask for them).

The new files are in ftp://ftp.ysbl.york.ac.uk/pub/ccp4/xfit.tar.gz
This includes a new map2fs which does map symmetry expansion on the fly.

I'm looking for feedback on how to make this more useful in future, e.g.
are there any
other xfit parameters which you would like to set at startup.

If someone can write a similar launcher for O (possibly reusing my code)
then it should
be possible to integrate the launchers into the 'View files from job'

Naturally, you need up-to-date CCP4 and XtalView packages.