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[ccp4bb]: 1DM4 entry..

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Hello again,

First of all I appreciate all people, who have sincerely addressed my
posting on the maintenance of PDB entries. I am happy that people do
realize the importance of PDB (Ooops.. I am not talking for PDB, neither I
am affliated for it!). However, I should say that the most concerned
people are from the 'bio-informatics', 'bio-statistics', theoreticians,
drug-designers etc.. whose bread-and-butter - sometimes - is because of
PDB database.

Coming to the point..

The entry 1DM4 reported a temperature of data collection as '-120
Kelvin'. And, the very instant I posted my first mail here, people
obviously gussed it as -120 C. If anyone wants to know, how many people
guessed this entry value as -120 C, I can provide a list here..

For example..

1.  Dr. Flip Hoedmaeker <hoedemae@chem.leidenuniv.nl> wrote me:

>In the mean time, don't panic and change this entry to +153!

2.  Dr. Byron DeLaBarre <byron@laplace.csb.yale.edu> wrote as:

>It is quite obvious to me that they posted the celsius as opposed to the
>kelvin temperature.  I don't believe that they should be publicly
>reprimanded for being sloppy with a 'gold-mine' type resource. 

3.  Dr Kevin Karplus <karplus@cse.ucsc.edu> wrote as:

>A temperature of -120 Kelvin is rather amusing, and can probalby be
>easily corrected after confirming that -120 Celsius was intended (make
>sure it is not Fahrenheit---someone careless enough to have negative
>Kelvin temperature is capable of all sorts of foolish units)!

	But, the reason why I emphasized the need for 'accurate' data
entry is that such human-errors during data-entry can result in a
confusion and as the people guess as -120 C, which actually is to be

	Yes.. its not -120 C. But its +120 K.
The following mail from the PDB staff, can tell the rest.

>Dear Ravi,
>        Thank you for pointing out a typo error in pdb file 1DM4.  It
>should have been 120K. We appologize for the error and any inconvenience
>it may have caused. The file has been corrected and is being re-released
>in the upcoming release cycle.
>        Shri
>Shri C Jain, Ph.D.
>RCSB Protein Data Bank
>Department of Chemistry
>Rutgers The State University of New Jersey
>610 Taylor Road
>Piscataway, NJ 08854-8087
>Email:  sjain@rcsb.rutgers.edu
>Phone:  (732) 445-0103  
>Fax:    (732)-445-4320

	Well, I apologize to anyone here - who is feeling hurt. But, I
take this opportunity again, and REQUEST people to be minimize 'human
error' during data entry. 

Thanks a ton!

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