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Re: [ccp4bb]: Poste de Maitre de Conferences

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For those of you whose French is a bit rusty, I thought
I would translate this to the best of my abilities in
this near-extinct language.



> Un poste de Maitre de Conferences vient d'etre publie au J.O. du 10 mars

I post the Master of all Conferences in Vienna's public ether on March 10

> 2000 en 28eme section a Paris VI(Pierre et Marie Curie)

2000 in the 28th part of Paris VI (Alexander Fleming and his wife).

> Ce poste porte l'intitule ; "Cristallographie des proteines", les dossiers
> sont a faire pour le 14 avril 2000.

This posting should have had as its subject line "Protein Crystallography"
but the files are on a ferry and won't arrive until April 14.

> La personne recrutee doit pouvoir enseigner la physique en 1er et 2eme cycle
> des UniversitÚs, parler de facon courante le francais.

The participants, oi!, can send a physical and must come first or second
in the University's bicycle race, not to mention French newspaper.

> Son travail de recherche se fera au Laboratoire de Mineralogie
> Cristallographie dans l'equipe Systemes Moleculaires et Biologie Structurale
> que dirige Jean-Paul MORNON.

My son works in research in the laboratory of minerology crystallography's
dancing team "systems molecular and biology structural" in a dirigible
called john-paul MORON.

> Toute personne interessee n'ayant pas encore pris de contact doit adresser
> un courrier electronique a l'adresse ci-dessous.

Any person interested in an encore contact price, oi!, address of an
electronic courier in the address below this.

> Jean Delettre

John Wordblind.

                        Gerard J.  Kleywegt
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