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Re: [ccp4bb]: Structure/Sequence Database

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(off the top of my head) you can do this at:

- rcsb (with the extensive search facility)
- sas (also at ucl, like pdbsum; runs blast against pdb and annotates
  the alignment by a variety of structural properties)
- ebi (fasta against pdb)
- ncbi (blast against pdb)

most of these services can be accessed through the prosal
(protein sequence analysis launcher - paste your sequence
in once, and get a page full of ready-to-hit buttons to
submit the sequence to a variety of web-based servers):



> I was having a quick look round RCSB and PDBSum to find a site where I can
> run a primary structure through a blast/fasta/etc to find sequence
> homologs of known structure. The old Brookhaven site had one - I am sure
> there's one still out there somewhere. Could someone please send me the
> URL. Thanks.

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