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         **** NEW RELEASE OF MOSFLM (Version 6.00) ***

    A new version of MOSFLM is now available which incorporates the
Fourier based autoindexing (Stellar,Bolotovsky and Rossmann (1998) J.
Appl. Cryst. 30,  1036-1040.)

    The original autoindexing due to Wolfgang Kabsch has also been
retained but the source must be obtained from me (those who already
have this source code can simple add it to the new version by using
the appropriate script included with the distribution.)

    The new version has also been run succesfully under Linux, but
this necessitates changes to the xdl_view library. Be sure to read the
installation instructions.

    Incorporation of the new autoindexing and changes for Linux
compatability have been done by Harry Powell with support from CCP4.

    The source code is available on our anonymous ftp site (see below)

               Andrew Leslie

To get MOSFLM version 6.00:

1) ftp ftp.mrc-lmb.cam.ac.uk
2) logon as user "anonymous" password <Your E-mail address>
3) cd pub/mosflm

4) get the file "mosflm.tar.gz"