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[ccp4bb]: NCS with molecular replacement

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Hello -

I have a rather sticky molecular replacement problem and I'm looking for
helpful ideas.  My protein crystallizes in the C2 space group, although
homologs of this protein crystallize in P61.  I mention the P61 crystals
because when I try a self rotation on the C2 data I get peaks on the
Kappa=60, 120, and 180 sections which look just like those from the P61
data.  The cell dimensions for the C2 crystal are large and from the
Matthews number, I'm expecting at least 6 molecules in the asymmetric
unit (whereas the P61 data has one molecule/asymm), and so the signal in
a cross rotation search will be small.  Has anyone worked out a way to
take advantage of a NCS in a molecular replacement search?

Thank you,

Jeff Taylor
Dr. Jeffrey S. Taylor       Duke University Medical Center
Department of Biochemistry  Box 3711, Nanaline Duke Bld  
Phone (919) 681-5266        Durham, NC 27710