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Re: [ccp4bb]: Q: how to cross-phase using MR partial model phases

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On Mon, 5 Jun 2000, Susan Heffron wrote:

> What is the easiest way to generate phases and FOM from a partial model
> for the purpose of cross-phasing a heavy-atom derivative?  (The
> cross-phasing example in the MIR part of the CCP4 tutorial directories
> shows both phase and FOM being used.)  I have a feeling that I have seen
> the answer to this before on this list, but didn't find the answer among
> the messages that I have kept.

SFALL to generate phases from a model. be sure to include the CRYST1 and
SCALE1, SCALE2, SCALE3 lines at the top of your PDB file.  you can
generate these with PDBSET if necessary.

MTZUTILS to put the phases in the same .mtz file with the isomorphous or
anomalous differences.
FFTBIG to calculate a map.

i'll send you a script in another message, and you can call across campus
if you need any further assistance.

SFALL does not put out a FOM.  you can probably get by without it. if you
want one anyway, you can get it out of SIGMAA.

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