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[ccp4bb]: validation of protein crystal structures

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Dear All,

I have refined a high resolution crystal structure using various program
packages (cns, refmac, shelx). For the comparison and validation of the
models I would like to get some statistics such as rmsd of chiral
volume, bond length, bond angles, torsion angles, contacts between non
bonded atoms etc. (the refmac output includes these information).
I am not searching for a program which produces plots (procheck) or
individual rmsd. I would like to have overall values.
Is there a program able to do this and is such an analyse reasonable to
compare the models?

Thanks in advance

Joerg Mueller                 Department of Biochemistry
Phone +49-221-4706443         University of Cologne
                 6455         Zuelpicher Strasse 47
Fax   +49-221-4705092         50674 Koeln, Germany