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[ccp4bb]: RE: about the crystal mounting problem

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Dear all: 
I am sorry having not expressed my problem clearly.
I growed crystals using 2.0 M ammonium sulfate and 
the researvoir contained 10% isopropanol. The crystals
proved protein ones, after dyed with the Hampton Izit.
When I mount them using a capillary, it soon cracked.
Now I have read many replies,from which I got some
1. using dome kinds of oils to control the evaperation
of isopropanol
2. after the crystals growed,change the isopropanol to
other less volatile organic solvent
3. mount the crystals at a microenvironment with high 
relative "humidity" in ipropanol
4. try and mount in a cold-room at 4C
5.Add more i-Pr alcohol to your drop, before and during 
crystal manipulation

Thanks for the suggestions.
Rong-Jin Guan
Rong-Jin Guan
Protein Engineering Laboratory
Institute of Biophysics
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Beijing 100101
Tel:(010) 64888548(lab)
    (010) 64886847(room)