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Re: [ccp4bb]: Co-crystallisation with hydrophobic ligands

Sounds pretty soluble to me, so it's a question of relative experience.
I'd like to have 10-20 x Ki to make sure all active sites are occupied,
but if I could not get to that concentration, I'd just soak the crystal
in a solution containing some solid chunk of the naughty ligand, wait the
universal time unit (overnight) and shoot some X-rays. Your crystals may
tolerate some percentage of DMSO as well, so you'll up the ligand
solubility, and protect your crystal from radiation damage while you're
at it (see DMSO as a free radical scavenger). Good luck.

Leo James wrote:

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> Hi,
> Im wondering if anyone has any clever strategies for co-crystallising
> complexes with very hydrophobic ligands.  The ligands I am using are
> insoluble at concentrations upwards of 100-200ÁM in buffer and are
> soluble in DMSO only up to 50mM.
> Many thanks for your time,
> Leo James
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