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[ccp4bb]: CCP4 Mini Workshop

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                    Mini Workshop:
         Introduction to CCP4 for 'new' users

       9.00am - 10.30am Friday 5th January 2001
           Central Hall, University of York

Prior to the start of the 2001 CCP4 study weekend, CCP4 staff and
developers will be holding an informal workshop to introduce new users to
the CCP4 package. All delegates registered for the CCP4 2001 study weekend
on "Molecular Replacement and its Relatives" are invited to attend - even
veteran users of the suite may gain insight into some of the newer aspects
of the package. 

Topics covered will include: 
       General introduction to CCP4
       CCP4 MTZ format made easy!
       CCP4 Road Maps
       Where to find help on CCP4
       Whats New in CCP4?

If you have any additional suggestions for topics to cover please drop us
a line at ccp4conf@ccp4.ac.uk. CCP4 staff will also be available
throughout the Study Weekend to answer questions and on request, give
demonstrations of the package and the interface CCP4i. 

Alun Ashton a.w.ashton@ccp4.ac.uk