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[ccp4bb]: Searching for a Post-Doc in UK

Dear all,
In 2000 I have finished my Ph.D. in protein crystallography and
would like to find a Post-Doc preferably for two years in a UK lab.
I have seen some adverts on the bulletin boards but there may be some
I have missed.
 As for the topic I do not want to restrict this to something very specific,
anything from enzymes, cell signalling, ...... to a development of methods on special cases.
 Is there an offer like this in your lab that has not been posted recently
in o-info or ccp4bb?
    Jan Dohnalek, Prague
"He is not the slave of the stars but their Maker. Is it not said
in all the old stories that He is not a tame lion."
                                        C.S.Lewis, The Last Battle
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