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[ccp4bb]: Biochemistry/Protein crystallography Senior Scientist at Abbott Bioresearch Center, Inc.

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Senior Scientist - Biochemistry and/or Protein Crystallography (Position Code:
Biochem 02)

A new senior scientist position is available in the structural biology group at
Abbott Bioresearch Center in Worcester, MA, located 45 minutes west of Boston.
Abbott Bioresearch Center, a division of Abbott Laboratories, has vibrant
research programs on traditional, low molecular weight pharmaceuticals and
fully-human, monoclonal antibody pharmaceuticals in the immunology and oncology
therapeutic areas. The structural biology group is fully-integrated into the
drug design process at ABC, and exciting opportunities for both scientific and
career development exist.

The  successful candidate will conduct protein purification and characterization
(including  enzymatic  and  biophysical assays) in support of therapeutic target
characterization,  inhibitor  testing,  and  structural  biology efforts on drug
discovery  programs.  Responsibilities  include  making significant intellectual
contributions  to  project  design  and  goals  and, for protein crystallography
applicants,  performing  hands-on experiments in all stages of a protein crystal
structure  determination.  Requirements:  Ph.D.  in  Biochemistry or Enzymology,
Chemistry,  Molecular  Biology,  or  equivalent,  as  well  as  several years of
postdoctoral  experience  are  required.  Demonstrated  success in production of
biologically-active  recombinant  proteins.  At  least  three  years of hands-on
laboratory  experience  in  the  development and implementation of protocols for
protein purification, protein characterization, enzymatic, and other biophysical
techniques  (e.g.  fluorescence,  CD)  is  required.  Experience  in recombinant
protein   expression  and  refolding  of  insoluble  proteins.  Experience  with
fermentation   (E.  coli,  yeast,  baculovirus)  is  a  plus.  Experience  in  a
pharmaceutical    or    biotechnology   environment   is   especially   helpful.
Crystallography  applicants  must  have  a demonstrated ability to carry out all
stages  of  a  protein  crystal  structure  determination  and  to interpret the
results,   complete   familiarity   with   diverse   crystallographic  computing
methodologies  (software  and  operating  systems),  and  experience  with minor
equipment  maintenance/repair  and synchrotron radiation. Travel several times a
year  to  synchrotron  radiation facilities for data collection is required. For
all  applicants,  strong  analytical and communication skills are a must. Beyond
these  core  competencies, the successful candidate should have broad experience
in  one  or  more  of the disciplines that interface with the structural biology
group,  such  as  organic  or  medicinal  chemistry,  molecular biology, protein
purification and characterization, enzymology, or pharmacology. This experience,
coupled  with  outstanding  communication  and interpersonal skills, will ensure
effective interactions with interdisciplinary drug design teams.

The  protein crystallography laboratory at Abbott Bioresearch Center is equipped
with  a  Nonius  FR571  x-ray  generator, MarResearch CCD and MAR345 image plate
detectors,  Osmic optics, and Oxford Cryostream cryogenics. We also have routine
access to the IMCA-CAT beamlines at the Advanced Photon Source, Argonne National
Laboratory.  Ample  computational  resources  are  available, and the structural
biology  group  at ABC is committed, along with our sister group at Abbott Park,
IL,   to   the   automation   of   the   routine  crystallographic  tasks  using
state-of-the-art robotic systems.

Applicants  should  submit  their  curriculum  vitae,  listing names and contact
information  for  three  references,  by  e-mail to worcesterjobs@abbott.com (MS
Word,  PDF, or plain text, please), ensuring that the Position Code "Biochem 02"
and "David Borhani" are prominent in the Subject line.

David Borhani
Group Leader, Biochemistry
Abbott Bioresearch Center, Inc.
100 Research Drive
Worcester, MA 01605 USA