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[ccp4bb]: Generating surface figures - SUMMARY!

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Hi all,

Thanks for all the responses. I was surprised there was so much discussion
on the topic. Here's a brief summary on tips, suggestions (sorry if I've
inadvertently missed anyones out):

1) Use the SCRIBING routine in GRASP - I had tried this a while ago, but
its very tedious, and things get screwed up if you change the orientation.

2) Edit the pov file to include "clipping" spheres. You can add
transparent spheres anywhere you want to erase parts of the surface. This
is similar to Ethan Merritt's suggestion of multiple clipping planes.
Thanks goes to J. Parrish for showing me how to do this.

3) There is a new release of POVSCRIPT (as of yesterday) which has a
mapclip option to only display the backside of a surface. Thanks goes to
Tim Fenn for adding that in - I haven't tried it yet, but sounds like what
I'm looking for.

Thanks again for all the suggestions.