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[ccp4bb]: New PyMOL Release: 0.86

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PyMOL 0.86 has been released.  Session saves and Amber trajectory file
reads are the main new features.  Usability is slightly improved over
previous versions.

With session saves, PyMOL is now more useful to structural biologists
who need to share structures with other collaborating scientists.  PyMOL
session files can be sent as email attachments or shared via local
intranets.  A "naive" user can simply double-click on the session file and
then manipulate exactly what you would like to show them from within

Likewise, PyMOL can now become much more useful for educators in creating
"live" examples for their students, without the server infrastructure
required to support something like Chime.

Unlike the commercial alternatives, PyMOL can be freely redistributed to
all of your students and collaborators.  Binaries are currently available
for Windows, Linux, and SGI.


Never heard of PyMOL?  PyMOL is a powerful free and open-source molecular
visualization system created by Warren L. DeLano.   Although the user
interface is still somewhat primitive, it has impressive graphics, a
rich command language, and powerful scripting support, including a native
Python API.

We now have several hundred subscribers on the PyMOL mailing list --
encouraging evidence that PyMOL is really helping some people to get
their research done.  Please do give it a try sometime!

Warren L. DeLano Ph.D.
DeLano Scientific LLC

PS. An OSX mac version supporting session files will be released soon.