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Re: [ccp4bb]: labels in Molscript and Raster3D

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On Tuesday 07 January 2003 08:38, Q. Steven Xu wrote:
> I am using Molscript v2.1.2 and Raster3D v2.4f to draw some figures
> for publication. Greek characters have to be used to label some
> secondary structural elements. However, the "lablemask" settings can
> only be applied to PostScript output only. If I used Raster3D to
> render the image, all greek characters would change back to Roman
> ones. So my question is how to make greek lables in Molscript or
> Raster3D that can match to the render command.

Raster3D (specifically the label3d script) uses Ghostscript to process
labels, and can thus handle any PostScript font including Symbol.

If I understand your problem correctly, the underlying cause is that 
Molscript is not passing the label+font information to Raster3D in the 
first place. Instead it converts the individual characters to vectors and
passes the vectors to Raster3D.  This could be fixed by hacking 
Molscript to simply pass the coords+font+label directly as a set of 
Raster3D input records.  If I get some time (hah!) I'll take a look at it.
Or I would be happy to provide guidance on the correct Raster3D 
input syntax if someone wants to tackle it.

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