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[ccp4bb]: labels in Molscript and Raster3D

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Sorry the questions are not related to CCP4.

I am using Molscript v2.1.2 and Raster3D v2.4f to draw some figures for
publication. Greek characters have to be used to label some secondary
structural elements. However, the "lablemask" settings can only be applied
to PostScript output only. If I used Raster3D to render the image, all
greek characters would change back to Roman ones. So my question is how to
make greek lables in Molscript or Raster3D that can match to the render

The second question is that when the output image is rendered by raster3D,
some labels are occluded by the graphics objects in front of them. It
appears to me that no opitions in render or Molscript program can fix
this problem.

Any suggestions are welcome. Thank you in advance.

Q. Steven Xu
Dept. of Physiology and Biophysics
Boston Univ. School of Medicine
Tel: (617)638-4083
Fax: (617)638-4041
E-mail: qian@med-biophg.bu.edu