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Re: [ccp4bb]: External Harddrive (FireWire) problem

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We have a LaCie Pocketdrive 60GB  Firewire/USB2 hard drive (one of those 
rubber covered things).

It has been to the ESRF twice, and to the SRS a number of times. No 
problems so far. We used it under Windows XP and Linux RedHat, both work 

So more positive than Harry's experience. This may be because this is a 
hard drive. Are they likely to be more robust than CDRW drives?

We have not needed to get service from LaCie yet, so can't comment on 
Harry's experiences in that respect. Doesn't bode well, though........


Thayumanasamy Somasundaram wrote:
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> Hello,
> We have been using Maxtor FireWire External Harddrive (80GB) to collect and
> transport data from synchrotrons. However, we have had two separate drives
> fail within a year of original purchase and with few trips to the
> synchrotron.
> Are we just unlucky in getting a bad batch of Maxtor drives? What has been
> the experience of other users? Is there are another manufacturer that is
> more reliable? I will appreciate your inputs. Thanks.
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