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[spam] Re: [ccp4bb]: Digital microscope camera

If you are looking to do this for a minimal amount of money, for US$50 you can get a USB intel camera microscope and modify it to fit your microscope as described here:


I bought 2 of these for $50 each, one for my kids, and one for the lab. I haven't yet assembled the jig (I am going to design something less ugly), but the quality of the camera is fine, it can take time-lapsed movies as well as stills, and works on mac osx as well as micro$oft platforms.

William G. Scott

Associate Professor
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
and The Center for the Molecular Biology of RNA
Sinsheimer Laboratories
University of California at Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz, California 95064


On Tuesday, March 18, 2003, at 12:47 AM, Tjaard Pijning wrote:

Dear colleagues,
We are investigating the possibilities to buy a digital
camera for taking crystal pictures through a microscope.
So far we have found that such cameras will cost
2500 euro's or more because of the need to either
remove the lens or use a special adaptor to attach it
to the microscope.
We wonder if anyone has come up with a simpler/cheaper
possibility for this, since digital cameras, even the
2-3 MP models are not that expensive anymore.
Once again, our main purpose is taking crystal pictures
(for presentations etc.), not for extensive archiving or
Suggestions are very much appreciated !