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[ccp4bb]: Program announcement: "Que" 0.6beta

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Dear CCP4 users,

I have released new version of the crystal structure viewer/modeler program "Que".
Please download from below and try it out!


Functions newly implemented in the version (0.6beta):

... Ribbon/Tube representation of protein and nucleic acid molecules
... Undo/Redo
... Useful GUI (Workspace bar, Mol selection palette, Mol navigation palette, etc.)
... Powerful atom selection syntax 
... Powerful scripting language (QScript)
... Output POVRay scene
... Supports UNIX platforms (CUI only)
... Display molecular surfaces generated by MSMS
... Display electrostatic potential maps calculated by Grasp.

I also added several Japanese tutorials for QScript.

Other functions implemented in the current version:

* Display proteins and nucleic acids
  . Supported input format is PDB.
  . simple stick model
  . main-chain trace (Calpha or phosphate backbone)
  . ball-and-stick model
  . CPK model
* Functions as a molecular viewer
  . Residue selection by clicking
  . Residue selection by chain and residue numbers
  . Change or create new display for the selected residues
  . Display symmetric molecules
  . Display unit cell
  . Hardware stereo support
  . Display the distance between two atoms
  . Dump/restore the state to/from the file (workspace)
  . Move/rotate selected residues
* Display electron-density maps
  . Supported input formats are CCP4 (type2), X-PLOR/CNS (ascii), and BRIX
  . Mesh display of the isoelectric surfaces of electron-density maps.
  . Can display the electron density of the arbitrary (cubic) region.

Please send questions, suggestions, and requests about Que to
(Collaborations including coding and documentation are also welcomed.)

With regards,

Ryuichiro Ishitani (ishitani@biochem.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp)