Workshops at FBLD 2018


Introduction to FBLD Workshop

A workshop organised by Rod Hubbard will be run on the afternoon of Sunday 7th October. This will provide an introduction to (or a refresher in) the established methods of FBLD - to include fragment library design, finding fragments that bind and strategies for using fragments to generate hits.

It is anticipated the workshop will start at 13:00 and last for 3 hours with a refreshment break. Confirmed tutors are Dan Erlanson of Carmot Therapeutics and Ben Davis of Vernalis.

An additional fee of $100 per attendees is required to cover cost of room hire and refreshments. You can register for the workshop at the time of registration or return to add this option later.



Vendor sessions

As in previous years, a number of vendors will be running workshops on the afternoon of Sunday 7th October from 16:00 to 18:00. In the past, these have primarily been software providers. There is no charge for these workshops. They will finish before the opening reception.

The session will start with a 5 minute pitch from each vendor outlining what their session will consist of. You can then decide which of the vendors you want to follow for an in-depth session on their offerings - each in a separate room.

More details on the vendor workshops will be announced in due course.

Last Updated: 25th April, 2018 | Tim Kirk

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