Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
clipper::Convolution_search_base< T >Base class for convolution search methods
clipper::Convolution_search_fft< T >FFT-based Convolution_search implementation
clipper::Convolution_search_slow< T >FFT-based Convolution_search implementation
clipper::EDcalc_aniso< T >Anisotropic electron density calculation
clipper::EDcalc_base< T >Base class for electron density calculation methods
clipper::EDcalc_iso< T >Isotropic electron density calculation
clipper::EDcalc_mask< T >Atom mask calculation
clipper::FFFear_base< T >Base class for Fast Fourier Feature recongition (FFFEAR) methods
clipper::FFFear_fft< T >FFT-based fffear implementation
clipper::FFFear_fft_basicFFT-based fffear implementation
clipper::FFFear_slow< T >FFT-based fffear implementation
clipper::FFFear_slow_basicSimple fffear implementation
clipper::MapFilter_base< T >Base class for map filtering calculation methods
clipper::MapFilter_fft< T >Simple fft-based radial mapfiltering implementation
clipper::MapFilter_slow< T >Simple slow convolution-based radial mapfiltering implementation
clipper::MapFilterFn_baseBase class for radial map filters
clipper::MapFilterFn_linearLinear-function radial map filter
clipper::MapFilterFn_quadraticQuadratic-function radial map filter
clipper::MapFilterFn_stepStep-function radial map filter
clipper::Skeleton_fast< T1, T2 >::Neighbours
clipper::OriginMatch< T >Origin matching method using fast translation function
clipper::OriginMatch_base< T >Base class for origin matching calculation methods
clipper::SFcalc_aniso_fft< T >Anisotropic structure factor calculation by fast Fourier
clipper::SFcalc_aniso_sum< T >Anisotropic structure factor calculation by slow summation
clipper::SFcalc_base< T >Base class for structure factor calculation methods
clipper::SFcalc_iso_fft< T >Isotropic structure factor calculation by fast Fourier
clipper::SFcalc_iso_sum< T >Isotropic structure factor calculation by slow summation
clipper::SFcalc_obs_base< T >Base class for structure factor calculation vs observed methods
clipper::SFcalc_obs_bulk< T >Structure factor calculation vs observed using bulk solvent
clipper::SFscale_aniso< T >Structure factor anisotropic scaling
clipper::SFscale_base< T >Base class for structure factor scaling methods
clipper::SFweight_base< T >Base class for structure factor weighting (sigmaa) methods
clipper::SFweight_spline< T >Structure factor weighting by sigmaa-related spline method
clipper::Skeleton_base< T1, T2 >Base class for skeleton calculation methods
clipper::Skeleton_basicSimple skeletonisation implementation
clipper::Skeleton_fast< T1, T2 >Fast template skeletonisation implementation
clipper::SFweight_spline< T >::TargetResult

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