clipper::MapFilter_base< T > Class Template Reference

Base class for map filtering calculation methods. More...

#include <function_object_bases.h>

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clipper::MapFilter_fft< T > clipper::MapFilter_slow< T >

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Public Member Functions

virtual bool operator() (Xmap< T > &result, const Xmap< T > &xmap) const =0
 Map filtering function definition.
virtual ~MapFilter_base ()

Detailed Description

template<class T>
class clipper::MapFilter_base< T >

Base class for map filtering calculation methods.

Member Function Documentation

template<class T >
virtual bool clipper::MapFilter_base< T >::operator() ( Xmap< T > &  result,
const Xmap< T > &  xmap 
) const [pure virtual]

Map filtering function definition.

In the implementations, this function will do the actual map filtering calculation.

result On output this holds the filtered electron density.
xmap Electron density map to be filtered.
true on success.

Implemented in clipper::MapFilter_slow< T >, and clipper::MapFilter_fft< T >.

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