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[ccp4bb]: cis-glycine!

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Hello all,

I am now refining a structure at 1.9A. A glycine residue was too stubborn 
to be arranged. 2Fo-Fc, Fo-Fc and omit maps all showed that the 
conformation of the glycine should be much different from the normal one. 
After adjusting it to the positions where I thought best fitting the maps, 
I ran the PROCHECK, and the results proved and figured it as cis-.
    * cis-peptide:  GLY     11

Now the problem was that I could not refined the "cis-" glycine together 
since it would be automatically changed to the normal conformation. In the 
case of cis-proline, I think I know how to deal with, but I have no idea 
here, so did anyone experience this or could you give me any suggestions???


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