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Re: [ccp4bb]: low-temp data collection

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> Sorry to post this here, but could somone help me on this.  How do you
> collect a low-temperature dataset with a deoxyhemoglobin crystal without
> exposing the crystal to atmospheric air.  Thank you.
> Martin Safo, Ph.D

Using an oil drop in place of cryoprotectant (I think this was suggested
on this list some time ago) should also protect the crystal from air.
You can walk around with the blob on a cryoloop at leasure before
cooling with no evaporation. Be careful to wick away any excess solvent
still stuck to the crystal faces inside the oil drop. The drop should form a
perfectly clear glass ... no white patches. We've just seen spectacular reduction in
mosaic spread on the couple of cases here at MacCHESS the other day.

Richard Gillilan
Cornell UNiversity