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[ccp4bb]: Re: {ccp4bb] low-temp data collection

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We have found that using an oil such as paraffin to cover the drop
which contains the crystal prevents evaporation and salt crystal formation 
and reduces damage to the crystal caused by repeated transfers common when
using conventional cryoprotectants.
We have also found that drying the oil prior to use removes the need to
wick excess liquid from the crystal surface. Details of our experiments
were published in the Journal of Applied Crystallography in 99.

This method has become standard within our lab.

Alan Riboldi-Tunnicliffe
Institut fuer Molekulare Biotechnologie
Beutenbergstrasse 11, Jena                Tel.: +49-3641-65-6070
Postfach 100 813, D-07708 Jena, Germany   Fax: +49-3641-609818