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[ccp4bb]: ccp4bb, e-mail messages, postfix etc

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Dear CCP4ers,

Now for a funny story (not from my point of view though).

Yesterday evening, the local "computer folks" changed the name of
my computer, without letting me know of course. [last time, they
first changed the IP number of the box, then sent me an e-mail
to let me know... took some time to find out there was something
funny happening, like no incoming e-mails.]

But, internally, my computer still had the old name.

The result is that there was no error message on the side of the
"computer folks". All incoming e-mail were transmitted to my box.

No error message on my side either (apart in the system log files,
where there were some complaints about differing names OF COURSE).

But 24 hrs long of e-mail messages (for the local users) have
disappeared. No trace of them. This includes any message that might
have originated from ccp4bb (if there was any today). I'd love to
recover them and provide them to the local accounts.

This Linux box does not have sendmail, the Linux distribution came
with postfix instead. A very short man page comes with postfix, and
there is absolutely no expertise on our side with postfix, only
with sendmail.

So if any one of you folks know where these e-mail messages might
have ended up (I hope not in /dev/null !!!), please let me know.



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