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Re: [ccp4bb]: 4.1 X-windows

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>>>>> "JHT" == James Henry Thorpe <j.h.thorpe@reading.ac.uk> writes:

 JHT>  I'm having a little trouble getting all the X-windows software
 JHT> up and running and I'm hoping one of the guru's out there might
 JHT> be able to help?

[I think that's really ccp4@dl.ac.uk's job...] 

 JHT> The initial configure using --with-x unfortunately didn't result
 JHT> in the x-win stuff being built with the rest complaining that
 JHT> "'get' function is dangerous and should not be used", so I'm
 JHT> attempting to do each in turn.

I'm not sure exactly what that means.  However, it looks as though I
forgot to expurgate `gets' from xdl_view, but I doubt whether that
call is the thing most likely to cause a crash of the programs!

 JHT>  The xdl_view, libjwc_c and libjwc_f all appear to be fine, but
 JHT> when I attempt rotgen, hklview, etc I get "/usr/bin/ld: cannot
 JHT> find -lXt"

You need to install the XFree86-devel (?) RPM package, but if this was
after running the rotgen configure I'm not sure why it would have
found X stuff if Xt isn't there.

 JHT>  fort77 -u -o hklview.o /usr/local/ccp4/ccp4-4.1/lib/libccp4.a

I'm puzzled why fort77 and g77 are both being used.

 JHT>  I'm running on Linux redhat 6.2 with egcs 1.12 (gcc-2.91.66,
 JHT> g77-0.5.24, fort77-1.18), if the problem is I need egcs 1.2
 JHT> could someone please direct me to a relevant site?

I'm sure that isn't the problem, but if you're on for updating the
compilers, get gcc 2.95.  There is a source RPM somewhere if not a
binary for RH6.