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Re: [ccp4bb]: questions on dimers in crystal packing

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>             1. Can one molecule form more than 1 kind of dimers
>                in different crystallization conditions?
>             2. If the answer is "yes", is there any possibilities
>                that there is a dynamic equilibruim between them, and
> --
> Rongjin Guan, Ph.D.

   It may be relevant that in small molecules, often when there are two or
more molecules in the asymmetric unit, the conformations of the
molecules are exactly the same, pointing to a
dimerisation/multimerisation process being responsible for the greater
value of Z. However, examination of the unit cell contents does not
always clearly indicate which pair/set of the many possible actually
form the dimer/multimer. Perhaps this means that there is more than one
way to skin the dimerisation cat

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