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Re: [ccp4bb]: Re: [SUMMARY]: Problems with PDB entry 1muo

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Dear Flip,

I  agree that the  first source  of all  this is  the poverty  gap among
countries, and  among social classes  (yes, I do believe  they exist...)
We all,  as citizens, must address and  make our best to  solve this big
problem. But, as scientists  there are comparatively "small" issues that
only ourselves  can tackle (unhappily  we are far isolated  from society
than we  should) And the  public accessibility of  science-relevant data
is one of  these issues (I'm sorry but I can't  hardly make a scientific
distintion  between "novel-scientific structures"  and "drug-developping
structures".   In my  opinion all  them contain  useful  information for
further research, in different degrees, this is true)

> You say you do not like my job... One of the things we want to establish is
> reducing the cost of drug development by increasing efficiency. This will
> allow a broader number of diseases to be targeted hopefully, we don't need
> yet another anti-depressant or cholesterol reducer! At least this makes me
> feel better!

This is  an example of  why I  can't be the  judge of people  doing your
work. If this is really  your personal commitment, I would encourage you
to go on  with it. Yet, I'm quite sceptical about  the use that industry
would do with such advancements. But I may be wrong...


Miguel Ortiz Lombardía
email: mol@ysbl.york.ac.uk
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