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[ccp4bb]: soft X-ray beamline

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Dear collegues,

	sorry for asking this non-ccp4 question but I belive that I can reach 
most of the potentially knowledgeable persons here.

	I am looking for a synchrotron beamline where I can measure at the 
K-absorption edges of Ca++ (3.07 A, which should be no big problem) and 
K+ (3.43 A, which might be rather critical for most PX-beamlines).

	any help is appreciated, thank you very much,


You can reach me as follows:

at daytime:                                   or at home:

Dr. Manuel Than                               Appenzeller Str. 125
Max-Planck-Institut fuer Biochemie	      81475 Muenchen
Abt. Strukturforschung                        Germany
Am Klopferspitz 18 A
82152 Martinsried b. Muenchen                 ph.: ++49-89-70800404
Germany                                       fax: ++49-89-70800404

ph.:    ++49-89-8578-2704 (office)
                     -2685 (lab)
                     -2729 (display)
fax.:	++49-89-8578-3516

e-mail: than@biochem.mpg.de

www:    http://www.biochem.mpg.de/xray/homepages/than/home.html