Public Member Functions
clipper::CCell Class Reference

CCell container. More...

#include <container_types.h>

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clipper::Container clipper::Cell clipper::Cell_descr

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Public Member Functions

 CCell (const String name="", const Cell &cell=NullCell)
 constructor: make null object or top object in tree
 CCell (Container &parent, const String name="", const Cell &cell=NullCell)
 constructor: make child object
void init (const Cell &cell_)
 initialiser: from Cell

Detailed Description

CCell container.

CCell: This has a name and a cell. It overrides the base cell for any objects below it.

Member Function Documentation

void clipper::CCell::init ( const Cell cell_)

initialiser: from Cell

The object is initialised, and children are updated.

cell_The value to give to the contained object.

References clipper::Container::update().

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