Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
clipper::datatypes::ABCD< dtype >Reflection data type: Hendrickson-Lattman coeff
clipper::Array2d< T >Simple 2-d array class
clipper::AtomAtom class
clipper::Atom_listAtom list class
clipper::AtomSFAtomic scattering factor object
clipper::AtomShapeFnAtomic shape function object
clipper::BasisFn_aniso_gaussianSimple anisotropic Gaussian basis function
clipper::BasisFn_baseAbstract base class for resolution function basis functions
clipper::BasisFn_binnerSimple binning basis function
clipper::BasisFn_expcubicSimple Expcubic basis function
clipper::BasisFn_gaussianSimple Gaussian basis function
clipper::BasisFn_linearSimple linear basis function
clipper::BasisFn_log_aniso_gaussianSimple anisotropic Gaussian basis function
clipper::BasisFn_log_gaussianSimple log Gaussian basis function
clipper::BasisFn_splineSimple smooth basis function
clipper::CCellCCell container
clipper::CellCell object
clipper::Cell_descrCell description (automatically converts to radians)
clipper::CGrid_samplingCGrid_sampling container
clipper::CHKL_data< T >Reflection data list container
clipper::CHKL_infoHKL list and indexing object container
clipper::CNXmap< T >Non-Crystallographic map container
clipper::CNXmap_operator< T >Non-Crystallographic map operator container
clipper::datatypes::Compute_abcd_from_phifom< dtype >Compute from Phi_fom to ABCD ( C = D = 0 )
clipper::datatypes::Compute_add_abcd< dtype >Add two ABCD datalists
clipper::datatypes::Compute_add_fphi< dtype >Add two F_phi datalists
clipper::datatypes::Compute_diff_fsigf_from_fsigfano< dtype >Compute from F_sigF_anom to F_sigF (difference structure factor)
clipper::datatypes::Compute_EsigE_from_FsigF< dtype >Compute from F_sigF to E_sigE
clipper::datatypes::Compute_fphi_from_fsigf_phifom< dtype >Compute from F_sigF+Phi_fom to F_phi
clipper::datatypes::Compute_FsigF< dtype, T >Compute from F_sigF to F_sigF
clipper::datatypes::Compute_mean_fsigf_from_fsigfano< dtype >Compute from F_sigF_anom to F_sigF (mean structure factor)
clipper::datatypes::Compute_neg_fphi< dtype >Negate F_phi (i.e. advance phase by pi)
clipper::datatypes::Compute_phifom_from_abcd< dtype >Compute from ABCD to Phi_fom by phase integration (loses bimodality)
clipper::datatypes::Compute_scale_u< T >
clipper::datatypes::Compute_scale_u_aniso< T >Apply scale and U to any scalable datatype
clipper::datatypes::Compute_scale_u_iso< T >Apply scale and U to any scalable datatype
clipper::datatypes::Compute_sub_fphi< dtype >Subtract two F_phi datalists
clipper::ContainerDefinition for a generic container Object
clipper::Coord_fracFractional (cell) coordinates
clipper::Coord_gridGrid coordinate
clipper::Coord_mapMap coordinate: this is like Coord_grid, but non-integer
clipper::Coord_orthOrthogonal (Angstrom) coordinates
clipper::Coord_reci_fracFractional reciprocal coordinate (i.e. non-integer hkl)
clipper::Coord_reci_orthOrthogonal reciprocal coordinate (length of which is invresolsq)
clipper::CResolutionResolution container
clipper::CSpacegroupSpacegroup container
clipper::Curv_frac< T >Fractional (cell) curvatures, with respect to fractional u,v,w
clipper::Curv_map< T >Map coordinate curvatures, with respect to grid u,v,w
clipper::Curv_orth< T >Orthogonal (Angstom) curvatures, with respect to orthogonal x,y,z
clipper::CXmap< T >Crystallographic map container
clipper::datatypes::D_sigD< dtype >
clipper::Datatype_baseReflection data type objects
clipper::datatypes::E_sigE< dtype >Reflection data type: E + sigE
clipper::datatypes::E_sigE_ano< dtype >Reflection data type: E(+) E(+) sigE(+) sigE(-) cov+-
clipper::Euler< T >Euler angle class
clipper::Euler_ccp4Euler_ccp4 angle class
clipper::datatypes::F_phi< dtype >Reflection data type: F + phi model or map coeff (e.g. Fcalc, Fbest)
clipper::datatypes::F_sigF< dtype >Reflection data type: F + sigF
clipper::datatypes::F_sigF_ano< dtype >Reflection data type: F(+) F(+) sigF(+) sigF(-) cov+-
clipper::BasisFn_base::FderivObject holding the basis function and its first two derivatives
clipper::FFTmapFFTmap: P1 map with symmetry used for calculating FFTs
clipper::FFTmap_p1FFTmap_p1: low level P1 map used for calculating FFTs
clipper::FFTmap_sparse_p1_baseBase type for sparse P1 fft maps
clipper::FFTmap_sparse_p1_hxFFTmap_sparse_p1_hx: low level sparse P1 map used for calculating FFTs
clipper::FFTmap_sparse_p1_xhFFTmap_sparse_p1_xh: low level sparse P1 map used for calculating FFTs
clipper::datatypes::FlagReflection data type: Free-R flag
clipper::datatypes::Flag_boolReflection data type: boolean (false = missing)
clipper::Generic_ordinalGeneric ordinal gernerator
clipper::Grad_frac< T >Fractional (cell) gradient, with respect to fractional u,v,w
clipper::Grad_map< T >Map coordinate gradient, with respect to grid u,v,w
clipper::Grad_orth< T >Orthogonal (Angstom) gradient, with respect to orthogonal x,y,z
clipper::GridGeneric grid
clipper::Grid_rangeGrid range class: defines array limits for a grid
clipper::Grid_samplingGrid sampling of a unit cell
clipper::HistogramGeneral histogram class
clipper::HKLReflection 'Miller' index
clipper::HKL_classReflection class
clipper::HKL_data< T >HKL_data<>
clipper::HKL_infoHKL list container and tree root
clipper::HKL_lookupFast reflection lookup object
clipper::HKL_info::HKL_reference_baseHKL reference base class
clipper::HKL_info::HKL_reference_coordHKL reference with coord-like behaviour
clipper::HKL_info::HKL_reference_indexHKL reference with index-like behaviour
clipper::HKL_samplingHKL sampling of reciprocal space
clipper::HKL_lookup::hlookupLookup on h
clipper::datatypes::I_sigI< dtype >Reflection data type: I + sigI
clipper::datatypes::I_sigI_ano< dtype >Reflection data type: I(+) I(+) sigI(+) sigI(-) cov+-
clipper::Interp_cubicWrapper class for third-order (cubic) interpolation fns
clipper::Interp_linearWrapper class for first-order (linear) interpolation fns
clipper::Interp_nearestWrapper class for zeroth-order (nearest neighbour) interpolation fns
clipper::IsymopIntegerised symmetry matrix
clipper::HKL_lookup::klookupLookup on k
clipper::HKL_lookup::llookupLookup on l
clipper::LogPhaseProb< N >Log phase probability distribution object
clipper::Map_index_sortGeneric map sorting class
clipper::Xmap_base::Map_reference_baseMap reference base class
clipper::NXmap_base::Map_reference_baseMap reference base class
clipper::NXmap_base::Map_reference_coordMap reference with coordinate-like behaviour
clipper::Xmap_base::Map_reference_coordMap reference with coordinate-like behaviour
clipper::Xmap_base::Map_reference_indexMap reference with index-like behaviour
clipper::NXmap_base::Map_reference_indexMap reference with index-like behaviour
clipper::Map_statsGeneric map statistics class
clipper::Mat33< T >3x3-matrix class
clipper::Mat33sym< T >Compressed form for 3x3 symmetric matrix class
clipper::Matrix< T >General matrix class: like Array2d but with numerical methods
clipper::MessageMessage handler class
clipper::Message_baseBase type for messages
clipper::Message_ctorConstructor message (level = 2)
clipper::Message_dtorDestructor message (level = 2)
clipper::Message_fatalFatal message (level = 9)
clipper::Message_genericGeneric message
clipper::Message_infoInfo message (level = 1)
clipper::Message_warnWarning message (level = 5)
clipper::Metric_tensorMetric tensor
clipper::MutexMutex class: used for locking and unlocking shared resources
clipper::NX_operatorNX_operator: non-crystal map operator
clipper::NXmap< T >NXmap<T>: actual non-crystallographic map class
clipper::NXmap_baseNXmap_base: base for non-crystallographic map class
clipper::NXmap_operator< T >NXmap_operator: non-crystal map operator referencing a particular NXmap
clipper::ObjectCache< T >Object Cache manager
clipper::datatypes::Phi_fom< dtype >Reflection data type: best phi + fom
clipper::Polar_ccp4Polar_ccp4 angle class
clipper::Prob_phi_2d2-d angular probability distibution class
clipper::Property< T >Template for a property holding an arbitrary type
clipper::Property_baseBase class for properties of arbitrary types
clipper::PropertyManagerClass for holding a list of labelled properties of arbitrary types
clipper::RamachandranRamachandran plot class
clipper::Range< T >Range - upper and lower bounds of some type
clipper::Range_samplingRange sampling: discrete sampling of a real range
clipper::TargetFn_base::RderivObject holding the residual function and first two derivatives
clipper::ObjectCache< T >::ReferenceObjectCache reference class
clipper::ResolutionResolution in angstroms
clipper::Resolution_ordinalResolution ordinal gernerator
clipper::ResolutionFn2nd order resolution function evaluator
clipper::ResolutionFn_nonlinear2nd order resolution function evaluator
clipper::RotationRotation class
clipper::RTop< T >Rotation-translation operator
clipper::RTop_fracFractional operator class
clipper::RTop_orthOrthogonal operator class
clipper::SpacegroupSpacegroup object
clipper::Spgr_descrSpacegroup description
clipper::StringString extension with simple parsing methods
clipper::SymopCrystallographic symmetry operator
clipper::Symop_codeCompressed encoded symmetry operator
clipper::Spgr_descr::Symop_codesVector of symop codes and associated methods
clipper::TargetFn_baseAbstract base class for least-squares resolution function target functions
clipper::TargetFn_meanEnth< T >Simple mean |E|n target
clipper::TargetFn_meanFnth< T >Simple mean |F|n target
clipper::TargetFn_scaleEsq< T >|E|2 scaling target
clipper::TargetFn_scaleF1F2< T1, T2 >|F|2 scaling target
clipper::TargetFn_scaleI1I2< T1, T2 >
clipper::TargetFn_scaleLogF1F2< T1, T2 >Log |F|2 scaling target
clipper::TargetFn_scaleLogI1I2< T1, T2 >Log |I| scaling target
clipper::TargetFn_sigmaa< T >
clipper::TargetFn_sigmaa_omegaa< T >
clipper::Test_baseBase class for clipper self-test classes
clipper::data::Test_dataClass to return test data
clipper::Thread_baseThread base class: Override this to create new threads
clipper::U_aniso_fracAnisotropic fractional atomic displacement parameters
clipper::U_aniso_orthAnisotropic orthogonal atomic displacement parameters
clipper::UtilUtility class
clipper::Vec3< T >3-vector class
clipper::Xmap< T >Xmap<T>: actual crystallographic map class
clipper::Xmap_baseXmap_base: base for crystallographic map class