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clipper::Map_stats Class Reference

Generic map statistics class. More...

#include <map_utils.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Map_stats ()
 null constructor
template<class M >
 Map_stats (const M &map)
 Constructor: from Xmap.
const ftypemean () const
 Mean of map.
const ftypestd_dev () const
 Std deviation of map.
const ftypemin () const
 Minimum of map.
const ftypemax () const
 Maximum of map.
const Range range () const

Detailed Description

Generic map statistics class.

This class is used to calculate and store the mean and standard deviation of a generic map object of scalar types (e.g. Xmap, NXmap). If the map contains NaN values, those points are excluded for the calculation. In the case of an Xmap, the proper multiplicty corrections are applied to give statistics for a whole unit cell

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template<class M >
clipper::Map_stats::Map_stats ( const M &  map)

Constructor: from Xmap.

For float and double maps map The map for which moments are to be calculated.

References clipper::Util::is_nan().

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