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clipper::TargetFn_scaleLogI1I2< T1, T2 > Class Template Reference

log |I| scaling target More...

#include <resol_targetfn.h>

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Public Member Functions

 TargetFn_scaleLogI1I2 (const HKL_data< T1 > &hkl_data1_, const HKL_data< T2 > &hkl_data2_)
 constructor: takes the datalist against which to calc target
Rderiv rderiv (const HKL_info::HKL_reference_index &ih, const ftype &fh) const
 return the value and derivatives of the target function
FNtype type () const
 the type of the function: optionally used to improve convergence

Detailed Description

template<class T1, class T2>
class clipper::TargetFn_scaleLogI1I2< T1, T2 >

log |I| scaling target

This class implements the target function for calculating the scale factor to scale the weighted log of one set of I's to another. The resulting scale is the square of the factor that scales the first set of data to match the second. The log scaling target is used in conjunction with the log-Gaussian basis functions for a fast and robust approximation to iso/aniso Gaussian scaling.

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