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clipper::Xmap_cacheobj Class Reference

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class  Key

Public Member Functions

 Xmap_cacheobj (const Key &xmap_cachekey)
 construct entry
bool matches (const Key &xmap_cachekey) const
 compare entry
String format () const
 string description

Public Attributes

Key key
Grid_sampling xtl_grid
 grid for the cell
Grid_range asu_grid
 grid for the ASU
Grid_range map_grid
 grid for the ASU, plus border
int nsym
std::vector< unsigned char > asu
 ASU flag array.
std::vector< Isymopisymop
 Integerised symops.
std::vector< int > du
std::vector< int > dv
std::vector< int > dw
 symmetry grid shifts to index
Array2d< unsigned char > symperm
 Perumtation matrix of symops.
Mat33 mat_grid_orth
 for backward compatibility

Static Public Attributes

static Mutex mutex = Mutex()
 thread safety

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