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clipper::Resolution_ordinal Class Reference

Resolution ordinal gernerator. More...

#include <resol_basisfn.h>

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Public Member Functions

void init (const HKL_info &hklinfo, const ftype &power)
 initialiser: takes an HKL_info and uses all reflections.
void init (const HKL_data_base &hkldata, const ftype &power)
 initialiser: takes an HKL_data & uses non-missing reflections.
void init (const HKL_data_base &hkldata, const Cell &cell, const ftype &power)
 initialiser: takes an HKL_data + Cell & uses non-missing reflections.

Detailed Description

Resolution ordinal gernerator.

This class is a helper class for functions which need to divide reflections up by resolution whilst guaranteeing a certain distribution of number of reflections per range. It takes a list of reflections, one at a time, and calculates a function to get the approximate ordinal number of a reflection in a list sorted by resolution.

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