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clipper::Datatype_base Class Reference

Reflection data type objects. More...

#include <hkl_data.h>

Inheritance diagram for clipper::Datatype_base:
clipper::datatypes::ABCD< dtype > clipper::datatypes::D_sigD< dtype > clipper::datatypes::E_sigE< dtype > clipper::datatypes::E_sigE_ano< dtype > clipper::datatypes::F_phi< dtype > clipper::datatypes::F_sigF< dtype > clipper::datatypes::F_sigF_ano< dtype > clipper::datatypes::Flag clipper::datatypes::Flag_bool clipper::datatypes::I_sigI< dtype > clipper::datatypes::I_sigI_ano< dtype > clipper::datatypes::Phi_fom< dtype >

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Protected Member Functions

 Datatype_base ()
 initialise to 'missing'
void set_null ()
 initialise to 'missing' (all elements are set to null)
void friedel ()
 apply Friedel transformation to the data
void shift_phase (const ftype &dphi)
 apply phase shift to the data
bool missing () const
 return true if data is missing
void data_export (xtype array[]) const
 conversion to array (for I/O)
void data_import (const xtype array[])
 conversion from array (for I/O)

Static Protected Member Functions

static String type ()
 return the name of this data type
static int data_size ()
 return number of data elements in this type
static String data_names ()
 return names of data elements in this type

Detailed Description

Reflection data type objects.

A class from which data type objects are usually derived

To define a new type for use in an HKL_data structure, subclass this class and override the following methods:

polymorphism is NOT used here because virtual tables would be to expensive for every individual reflection, both in terms of space and cpu cycles.

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