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clipper::Coord_map Class Reference

map coordinate: this is like Coord_grid, but non-integer More...

#include <coords.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Coord_map ()
 null constructor
 Coord_map (const Vec3<> &v)
 constructor: copy/convert
 Coord_map (const Coord_grid &c)
 constructor: from Coord_grid
 Coord_map (const ftype &u, const ftype &v, const ftype &w)
 constructor: from u,v,w
Coord_frac coord_frac (const Grid &g) const
 grid-fractional coordinate conversion
Coord_grid coord_grid () const
 return integer Coord_grid nearest this coordinate
Coord_grid floor () const
 return integer Coord_grid below this coordinate
Coord_grid ceil () const
 return integer Coord_grid above this coordinate
const ftypeu () const
 get u
const ftypev () const
 get v
const ftypew () const
 get w
String format () const
 return formatted String representation


Coord_map operator- (const Coord_map &u1)
Coord_map operator+ (const Coord_map &u1, const Coord_map &u2)
Coord_map operator- (const Coord_map &u1, const Coord_map &u2)
Coord_map operator* (const ftype &s, const Coord_map &u1)

Detailed Description

map coordinate: this is like Coord_grid, but non-integer

Member Function Documentation

Coord_frac clipper::Coord_map::coord_frac ( const Grid g) const [inline]

grid-fractional coordinate conversion

gThe grid concerned
The transformed coordinate.

References clipper::Grid::nu(), clipper::Grid::nv(), clipper::Grid::nw(), u(), v(), and w().

String clipper::Coord_map::format ( ) const

return formatted String representation

The formatted text string

Reimplemented from clipper::Vec3<>.

References u(), v(), and w().

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