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clipper::Grid Class Reference

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#include <coords.h>

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clipper::Vec3< int > clipper::Grid_range clipper::Grid_sampling clipper::CGrid_sampling

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Public Member Functions

 Grid ()
 null constructor
 Grid (const int &nu, const int &nv, const int &nw)
 constructor: from nu,nv,nw
const int & nu () const
 get nu
const int & nv () const
 get nv
const int & nw () const
 get nw
int size () const
 return size of grid array
bool in_grid (Coord_grid g) const
 determine if a point is in the grid
int index (const Coord_grid &c) const
 grid indexing operator
Coord_grid deindex (const int &index) const
 grid deindexing operator
String format () const
 return formatted String representation
void debug () const

Detailed Description

generic grid

This holds the dimensions of a 3D array, indexed from 0 along each dimension.

Member Function Documentation

String clipper::Grid::format ( ) const

return formatted String representation

The formatted text string

Reimplemented from clipper::Vec3< int >.

Reimplemented in clipper::Grid_sampling.

References nu(), nv(), and nw().

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