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clipper::HKL_class Class Reference

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#include <coords.h>

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Public Member Functions

 HKL_class ()
 null constructor
 HKL_class (const Spacegroup &spgr, const HKL &hkl)
 constructor - from spacegroup and HKL
ftype epsilon () const
 get epsilon
ftype epsilonc () const
 get epsilon for acentric, 2x epsilon for centric
ftype allowed () const
 get allowed phase
bool centric () const
 is centric?
bool sys_abs () const
 is sys abs?

Detailed Description

reflection class

This describes the type of a reflection in a given spacegroup, including centricity, systematic absence, phase restriction, and multiplicity.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

clipper::HKL_class::HKL_class ( const Spacegroup spgr,
const HKL hkl 

constructor - from spacegroup and HKL

Determine the class of a reflection for a give spacegroup.

spgrThe spacegroup.
hklThe reflection HKL

References clipper::HKL::h(), clipper::Util::intr(), clipper::HKL::k(), clipper::HKL::l(), clipper::Util::mod(), clipper::Spacegroup::num_symops(), clipper::Util::pi(), clipper::HKL::sym_phase_shift(), clipper::Spacegroup::symop(), and clipper::HKL::transform().

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