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clipper::Spgr_cacheobj Class Reference

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Public Types

typedef Spgr_descr Key

Public Member Functions

 Spgr_cacheobj (const Key &spgr_cachekey)
 construct entry
bool matches (const Key &spgr_cachekey) const
 compare entry
String format () const
 string description

Public Attributes

Key spgr_cachekey_
 spacegroup cachekey
int nsym
int nsymn
int nsymi
int nsymc
int nsymp
 number of syms: total, primitive
int lgrp
 Laue group number.
std::vector< Symopsymops
 symmetry operators
std::vector< Isymopisymops
 symmetry operators
Vec3 asu_min_
Vec3 asu_max_
 real space ASU

Static Public Attributes

static Mutex mutex = Mutex()
 thread safety

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