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clipper::Xmap_base::Map_reference_index Class Reference

Map reference with index-like behaviour. More...

#include <xmap.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Map_reference_index ()
 Null constructor.
 Map_reference_index (const Xmap_base &map)
 Constructor: takes parent map.
 Map_reference_index (const Xmap_base &map, const Coord_grid &pos)
 Constructor: takes parent map and coord.
Coord_grid coord () const
 Get current grid coordinate.
const Coord_orth coord_orth () const
 Get current value of orthogonal coordinate.
Map_reference_indexset_coord (const Coord_grid &pos)
 Set current value of coordinate - optimised for nearby coords.
Map_reference_indexnext ()
 Simple increment.
int index_offset (const int &du, const int &dv, const int &dw) const
 Index of neighbouring point.
const Xmap_basebase_xmap () const
 return the parent Xmap
const int & index () const
 Get the index into the map data array.
bool last () const
 Check for end of map.

Detailed Description

Map reference with index-like behaviour.

This is a reference to a map coordinate. It behaves like a simple index into the map, but can be easily converted into a coordinate as and when required. It also implements methods for iterating through the unique portion of a map. It is very compact, but coord() involves some overhead and loses any information concerning symmetry equivelents.

The following methods are inherited from Map_reference_base but are documented here for convenience: base_xmap(), index(), last().

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