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clipper::FFTmap_sparse_p1_base Class Reference

base type for sparse P1 fft maps More...

#include <fftmap_sparse.h>

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clipper::FFTmap_base clipper::FFTmap_sparse_p1_hx clipper::FFTmap_sparse_p1_xh

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Public Member Functions

void init (const Grid_sampling &grid_sam, const FFTtype type=Default)
 initialiser: takes grid
 ~FFTmap_sparse_p1_base ()
const Grid_samplinggrid_real () const
 get real grid sampling
const Gridgrid_reci () const
 get reciprocal grid

Static Public Member Functions

static FFTtype & default_type ()
 set/get default optimisation type

Protected Member Functions

ffttype * map_uv (const int &u, const int &v)
 return/create row
std::complex< ffttype > * map_kl (const int &k, const int &l)
 return/create row

Protected Attributes

Grid_sampling grid_real_
 real space grid
Grid grid_reci_
 reciprocal space grid
FFTtype type_
 optimisation options
Array2d< std::complex< ffttype > * > row_kl
 section map
Array2d< ffttype * > row_uv
 section map

Static Protected Attributes

static FFTtype default_type_ = FFTmap_base::Estimate
 default optimisation options

Detailed Description

base type for sparse P1 fft maps

Member Function Documentation

void clipper::FFTmap_sparse_p1_base::init ( const Grid_sampling grid_sam,
const FFTtype  type = Default 

initialiser: takes grid

Initialise an FFTmap_sparse_p1_base for a grid.

grid_samThe grid sampling of the unit cell.
typeCan be FFTmap_sparse_base::Measure, ::Estimate. Measure performs slow precalculation (first time only) to get faster FFT.

Reimplemented in clipper::FFTmap_sparse_p1_hx, and clipper::FFTmap_sparse_p1_xh.

References default_type(), grid_real_, grid_reci_, clipper::Grid_sampling::nu(), clipper::Grid::nv(), clipper::Grid_sampling::nv(), clipper::Grid::nw(), clipper::Grid_sampling::nw(), clipper::Array2d< T >::resize(), row_kl, row_uv, and type_.

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