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clipper::LogPhaseProb< N > Class Template Reference

Log phase probability distribution object. More...

#include <hkl_operators.h>

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Public Member Functions

 LogPhaseProb (const HKL_class &hkl_class)
 constructor: from HKL class
template<class dtype >
void set_abcd (const datatypes::ABCD< dtype > &abcd)
 set HL coeffs
template<class dtype >
void get_abcd (datatypes::ABCD< dtype > &abcd) const
 get HL coeffs
template<class dtype >
void set_phi_fom (const datatypes::Phi_fom< dtype > &phifom)
 set phi/fom
template<class dtype >
void get_phi_fom (datatypes::Phi_fom< dtype > &phifom) const
 get phi/fom
const ftypeoperator[] (const int &p) const
 get log probability
ftypeoperator[] (const int &p)
 set log probability
ftype phase (const int &p) const
 return phase associated with index
int size () const
 return num. of phases

Static Public Member Functions

static int sampling ()
 return phase sampling

Detailed Description

template<int N>
class clipper::LogPhaseProb< N >

Log phase probability distribution object.

This object is used to store and manipulate phase log-probability distributions. Centrics are handled by two values on the phase circle, acentrics by a list of values. The values can be indexed like and array. The phase() function returns the phase corresponding to the given array index. Conversion to and from Hendrickson-Lattman coefficients is provided. The object is templatised on the sampling of the phase circle.

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