Public Member Functions
clipper::Spgr_descr::Symop_codes Class Reference

Vector of symop codes and associated methods. More...

#include <spacegroup.h>

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Public Member Functions

void init_hall (const String &symb)
 initialise from Hall symbol
void init_symops (const String &symb)
 initialise from symops
Symop_codes expand () const
 expand (incomplete) list of symops
Symop_codes primitive_noninversion_ops () const
 return primitive non-inversion ops (by computation)
Symop_codes inversion_ops () const
 return inversion ops (by computation)
Symop_codes primitive_ops () const
 return primitive incl inversion ops (by computation)
Symop_codes centering_ops () const
 return lattice centering ops (by computation)
Symop_codes laue_ops () const
 return Laue ops
Symop_codes pgrp_ops () const
 return point group ops
Symop_codes patterson_ops () const
 return Patterson ops
Symop_codes generator_ops () const
 return minimal list of generator ops
Symop_codes product (const Symop_codes &ops2) const
 return product of this (expanded) list by another (expanded) list
unsigned int hash () const
 return hash code of symop list

Detailed Description

Vector of symop codes and associated methods.

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